Thursday, June 21, 2018

“How We Spell Fear In Ekosodin” by Michael Ifeanyi Akuchie

How We Spell Fear In Ekosodin   run: your own shadow will betray you. hide: your fear will set you on fire. hold yourself like a conversation. save your body from...

“Runaway” by Imhanguelo Angela

RUNAWAY   Let me tell the tale of this beloved nation The tale of our baffled father and his wayward son For our father had built this giant...

Special Call for Submissions – Around This Fire 7: Responses to j.lewis

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for Around This Fire 7: Responses to EVERY EVENING IS DECEMBER Four months ago, we published every evening is december — an absolutely...

Special Call for Submissions: Around This Fire 6

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for Around This Fire 6: Responses to IN MY COUNTRY, WE'RE ALL CROSSDRESSERS We recently published Kanyinsola Olorunnisola's brilliant digital chapbook, In My...


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