Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Faithfully I Wait

A Review of J. Sarangi’s Faithfully I Wait

A Review of Jaydeep Sarangi’s Faithfully I Wait by Jonathan Cooper In his eighth collection of poetry, Indian writer Jaydeep Sarangi returns to his birthplace, the...

Being A Writer in Perilous Times: Jennifer Emelife In Conversation With Su’eddie Vershima Agema

Recently, the country has been faced with many tragedies and so it boggles the mind what it must mean to be a writer at...

Internship Opportunity at Praxis Magazine Online

Praxis Magazine Online is currently seeking a volunteer editorial intern / associate editor (title depends on prior editorial experience). This person will work as...
Kayode Olla

Kayode Olla’s ‘Concept of Psychofictive Reality and the Arts’

Galaxies Publishers releases a new concept in the appreciation of the arts, both the creative and performance arts. This is to inform the general public...


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