Friday, July 19, 2019

“EX MACHINA” by Mark J. Mitchell

EX MACHINA The Crown of Thorns was saved by timing—moved before wild flames swallowed the ancient church. That...

“In Your Tzara Dream” by Mark J. Mitchell

In Your Tzara Dream The hands have been pulled out of all the clocks in the world. ...
Praxis Hangout Kano

The Praxis Hangout Kano

PRAXIS HANGOUT, KANO EDITION; Praxis Magazine, in collaboration with Box Office Studios and Poetry for Change, is...

South African Writer, Sisca Julius, Wins the Inaugural Edition of the K and L...

Sisca Julius wins the K and L prize ($1000 New Zealand) for her story, Honey Bee. Her story along with all longlisted entries would...


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