Call for Submissions

PRAXIS MAGAZINE FOR ARTS AND LITERATURE is calling for submissions from Artists and Writers all over the world. Categories open for submissions are: 1) Photography Chapbooks, 2) Essays on Arts and/or Literature, 3) Prose/Fiction 4) Podcast recordings of Spoken Word poetry or Interviews with Artists or Writers, 5) Stories/Poems/Essays written in indigenous African languages (accompanied with English translation), 6) Poems in written in English.

Please see CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Poetry Chapbooks – JK Anowe for information on our 2019 open reading period for poetry chapbook manuscripts.

Praxis Magazine is a platform for artists and writers to commune, debate, and progress their craft respectively. We cover literary events across Africa, give voice to emerging writers and artists, and even promote literature in indigenous languages, e.g Yoruba, Hausa, Swahili, Naija Languej etc. We are equally interested in promoting podcast culture in Africa which is why we have a podcast feature on our website that is dedicated to Interviews/Discussions on matters concerning Arts and Literature in Africa as well as Spoken Word poetry. We also publish reviews of Books and Films. Articles on any form of art, or introducing any particular artists, are welcome.

General Guidelines
1 – All contributions should be original works of Contributors.
2 – Contributors should indicate their names, followed by a biography of not more than 150 words, at the bottom of their submission(s).
3 – Contributors should state where they are writing from (e.g Lagos or New York)
4 – Contributions should be sent as attachments with genres properly indicated (e.g Name_Genre).
5 – Submissions should not have been previously published, either online or in print. (For chapbooks, this means the work as a whole should not have been previously published. We will consider manuscripts where individual photographs have been previously published as long as the venue of initial publication is listed on an acknowledgments page at the end of the manuscript.)
6 – Each contributor can send between three (3) to five (5) entries for each or every category.
7 – Ideally, we accept short stories of up to 3000 words.
8 – If submitting photography manuscripts for the digital chapbook series, please review and adhere to the additional guidelines below.

Photography and Poetry submissions (English or indigenous language with English translation) may be emailed to — all other submissions may be submitted to

Additional Guidelines for Photography Chapbook Submissions
1 – Please send a manuscript with a title page, table of contents, 16-36 photographs with titles (embed no more than one photograph per page), acknowledgments, and photographer’s biography. Additionally, please accompany each photograph with some text or context – this can be notes on where / when the photograph was taken, its significance in the series, or something else. (We are open to other text possibilities, including hybrid Poetry / Photography chapbooks.) If the photographs are part of a series, please include a brief introduction to the series (one to five paragraphs) in your email cover letter.
2 – When your manuscript is received, we will review it and, if we feel it would be a good fit for the Praxis digital chapbook series, we will contact you and let you know which of the submitted photographs we would be interested in including in a chapbook. At that time, we will ask you to send the photographs we’d like to include as individual JPGs; it is not necessary to send the JPG files as part of the original submission, but do have them available upon request.
3 – If we decline your manuscript, we will advise you by email. We may also, at our discretion, offer to publish one or more of the pieces individually.