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It is at this age that I know I am old enough
Old enough to walk “in shoes that are too big for me”
Eat “food that the grower labored for to get peanuts” and
Sleep “in a shelter the builder died for” the sharks wanted their loan back
paid in full

I am old enough to do that which I am supposed to do
To look the other way when it’s necessary
To focus on being educated and absorb knowledge like a sponge
And live a life I hate but my mates admire and can talk about
Abandoning who I am and becoming who I’m supposed to be

I am making strides that come with being my age
Focusing on my today, I’m the future leader
Tomorrow is for the predicted leader
Today I am old, together with the oldies here

Lilian Owino writes from Kenya. She is an open-minded person who loves literature.

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