Ahmed Maiwada

Ahmed Maiwada … IN THE KEY OF DEATH


*Death’s trigger is pulled

at that moment you’re born

Your life ends at birth

be you daughter or son

Your funeral shall happ

en in time, short or long

When your lips are sealed

at the close of your song

Dead men then assemble and sing, Till we come


*You dropped from that la

bour down death’s whetted edge

A lamp’s mantle poun

ded as though by a sledge

Manbeastideacreature that wild dreams can fetch

Your death toll is per

fect, death pays every cent

Nations, constella

tions, bought hundred percent


*         Stars burn, kingdoms crum

ble; consumed by demise.

Oduduwa is dead; will Oduwa be wise?

East mourners are pi

ning for dead Rising Sun;

Just two years and eight months, the funeral was done.

Today where is Mother,

my country? She’s gone!


*You die on arrival: like nations like men

Occupy the Six Feet

City beneath the floor

Cast to the deep, ne

ver to rise up again

Be cautioned, aven

ging can usher a war

Death is no vaca

tion you follow your star



Ahmed Maiwada lives in Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital City. He is a legal practitioner. He is also a poet, novelist and story writer.

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