Image by Sue Rickhuss from Pixabay


on the battlefield. I watch soldiers—

who are my brothers. friends. fathers. sons
fall to the ground

and become

one with the earth. the same way
salt does when it dissolves in warm water

how do you honor the memories
of those who gave up their lives

just so a village. a city. or a country
could stand on its feet

without swallowing blood whenever
you mention their names?

on the gates of the cemetery where the few
soldiers. we could bring back are buried
it is written:

everyone has the chance of living
forever. but forgetfulness

is the only form of illness that kills
both the living and the dead

Jay Kophy is a poet and writer, resident in Accra, Ghana. His poems have featured in literary magazines such as Glass Poetry, kpodola, Kalahari Review, Eunoia Review, Tampered Press and many others. His debut pamphlet ‘By the Fireside’ was published by Libros Agency in 2018. He is also the curator of ‘to grow in two bodies’, a collection of poems and short stories from 35 poets and writers. You can follow his works on Twitter @jay_kophy.

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