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And The Light Swallowed Our Colours by Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido

Let the light come and swallow our colours.
Let the void come and swallow our colours.
Let white and brown and red and black,
and all the unseen colours in between,
be revealed as symbolic imagery of thee.

Let the colour of light common to one and all
be bared once and for all, that we’d finally see
that our colours and tribes and tongues and faiths,
do not project our dissonance or chasm.
They simply reflect the creativity and quirks,
the cool, interwoven tapestry of your mystery,
the sheer complexity and depth of your majesty!
In the dark void, the colours fuse together
and emerge as one single LIGHT.
Our DIS-connect creates the illusion,
a fallacy, a myth of our se-pa-ra-tion.
But me be you, and you be me,
and WE be simply one and same,
of one source and of one being.
Think! How could we not BE?

If the light comes from the deep void
and swallowed the darkness of our colours,
what a drab, dark, dingy world it would be!
So, let the LIGHT come from the deep void
and reveal the brightness of our colours.
Let love unfold the beauty hidden within
for all to see that all lives matter
And the light swallowed our colours.



Juliet Kego

Juliet ‘Kego Ume-Onyido is an international Speaker, Poet-Storyteller, Master-Certified Leadership Coach, Trainer and Consultant. She is the author of upcoming books “UN-Locking Your HeART of Leadership”, “Conversations with an African Grandmother” and a collection of poetry: ‘Today, I will not bow”. Her portfolio of poems has been featured across different media platforms and performed live in Canada, USA and in several Africa countries.

Juliet was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria; she immigrated to Canada over a decade ago. And currently splits her time between both her birth and adopted homelands. Her educational and professional backgrounds span multi-disciplinary fields of Electrical Engineering, International Business, Investment and Financial Services, Project Management, Professional Coaching and Training.

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