This poem was originally written in Igbo by same poet. You can enjoy its performance (both in Igbo and English language) here.

An Igbo traditional wrestler’s victory song
(Performed at best with drums, gongs and flutes)

Beat the drums!
Let me dance
My waist sways to your rhythm
When my heart feeds on your music

I am the son of my father
The warrior of my unknown fate
I wrestled my nightmares to the ground
And gave sight to my blind vision

Let the drums roll!
I am no loser
The lion roars in the wild
But devours not its own

I am my own strength
I send my wrath to distant lands
Like lightening from dark clouds
And thunder striking the enemies’ camp

Beat the drums for me!
I am courage
My body breeds bravery
And sheds off cowardice

Those who pursue weak shadows
Are driven by gods of insanity
Cowardice makes their dishes
And wipes clean their illusive ego

Beat the drums!
I am posterity
The future stares at my face
And sends lucid lingering lessons

We keep watch over our dreams
We set ablaze our worries
And bury our tenets in your rhythm
Kinsman, drum me the drums of destiny.


© Echezonachukwu Nduka

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