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Trying times of distress and pain
In the dark nights we seek prayers for change
Everything is in vain
Hope of peace diminishing
Love is perishing
In the machinating hands
Of greed and selfishness.
I think about the future and I think about our lives
Too much hatred for one world to bear
The race for supremacy leaves us with anarchy
Don’t tell me lies, there is no comfort zone
The world has turned into a war zone.
With nuclear devices they control us
While our souls pay the unbearable price
Atomic bombs of toxic and infectious gases
Breeding diseases for all eternity
Hover over our heads waiting to pelt us
Like the biblical plague of locusts.
Our hearts shiver with nervousness
We are in a lost world
Vaguely dreaming of our offspring
Our values of humility and respect are vapourised
Sucked and smitten with pride and prejudice.
Lowlands become embedded
Most parts are flooded
Highlands are deforested
Mudslides and landslides crinkle up the soil
The ozone layer becomes depleted
Flora and fauna face extinction
Global warming is a warning
Of a blazing conflagration.

Foday Sillah was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Since childhood he has faced many challenges but is undeterred from pursuing his dream of becoming a writer and filmmaker. Unable to go University due to lack of finances he was forced to leave home and lived on the streets until he found WAYoutArts, an organisation that teaches media skills to street youth and the less privileged. In 2018 his first feature film, ‘The Choice’, which he wrote and directed, was released. His poetry, much of which focuses on issues of mental health, has been published in online journals ‘Write the City’ and ‘Writers Space Africa’ and in two anthologies of Sierra Leonean creative writing, ‘Written Off ‘ (2018) and ‘Street Rhymes’ (2019).

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