This poem is longlisted for BN Poetry Award.

do you
call God
blood and loss

leaves your
lifeless eyes
gazing at the
eloping sun

when the
skies are like
deserts dry
and laughter
is not enough

and sweet vanity
from your slit
wrists thinly drips

do you call
as you watch it
hit the cold sterile
floor drip against drip

making delicate
poker dots on the
white bathroom floor
‘til the silence surrounds
you like fog and you are
lost in its symphony soft
as cotton or wolf’s fur where
you drift slowly through the
windowpane then towards
the faceless horizon
where the last sun glows…
I won’t write a heartbreak poem for you‎
I won’t write a heartbreak poem for you
Because I am too proud to pickle your memories to preservation and
I cannot…
I cannot afford to immortalise you
In the sublime wordings of my poetry

For I know how cocky you get sometimes.
Suppose that the poem appears in papers
You would buy a copy for all your friends and brag
“Look what creativity I inspired”

I won’t write a heartbreak poem for you
Because massaging egos is one of my least favourite sports
I often wonder what pride he feels,
The boy who inspired Adele’s “Someone like you”‎
That his abandonment ‎of her
created a song gone platinum

What if I wrote a heartbreak poem for you
And it goes viral?
Your cocky self would clip it off papers
Attach it to your C.V for your next job hunt
The board would offer you prompt employment
Since they are always looking people
Who inspire creativity in others
And you think I want to grant you such favours‎

I will stop this poem here
For it is beginning to sound
Like a heartbreak poem for you

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