This poem is longlisted for BN Poetry Award.

So I met this shaman down the forest way;
he said, “I’m another you, wanna come out and play?”
It sounded like fun so I joined the mystery school;
little did I know it was no place for fools.

See, I’ve been on the run for most of my life,
fleeing sorrow and strife like they were an ex-wife
with a couple of babies seeking alimony payments.

I’ve squatted in mansions
and slept on the pavement
but no matter how far I roamed,
I was still stuck in the basement.
Just up the stairs, there was a whole other world
full of sunshine and laughter but even though I bawled
my eyes out…

the darkness wouldn’t let me go.

“Nonsense!” cried the shaman, “step into the clear light;
pure love awaits – you know it feels right.
Just let go of all your fear and desire,
be free of attachment like a monk on fire.
I’m not saying it’s easy but the choice is simple,
life is complex but it ain’t complicated:
forget the drama, cleanse your karma,
love Pacha Mama and escape into dharma.
The Buddha did it and so did the Christ,
now it’s our turn, can you dig the zeitgeist?
We’re infinite and immortal,
we only appear otherwise,
So come on, brother-man,
your true self is on the rise.”

Well the road is long and hard and I’m still a-struggling;
and truth be told, I don’t know the ending,
but if you were to ask what I see ahead of me,
I’d say, “free will is an arrow aimed at destiny.”

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