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The Chemistry of Reaction


Action and reaction are equal and opposite;
This is physics. This is the way someone that is nothing
Considers that he is a force. So from a push or a pull,

Propaganda is shoved down like pizza down
His throat with piss labeled as lemonade.
He is not a force; this is why he does not lead well.

I am not a revolution someone will cook as television
Jihad, for who is it that leads, that is not helpless, useless or
Clueless when we created our leaders in our own image?

I fear that we are a circle, a change that is
Likely to change back to what we are changing from!


Ahmad Holderness is a medical doctor and he writes from Lagos, Nigeria. His haiku has appeared on Chrysanthum, The Mamba, Creatrix, Acorn, and Haiku Presence, and was shortlisted for the Babishai 2017 Haiku Awards. His other poetry has appeared on Entropymag/Enclave, TSSF and in the International Women’s Day 2017 Anthology by Praxis Magazine Online.

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