On a Cold Winter Evening


Running away from a dismal night
Staggering down a lonely frozen track
Out of nowhere began those silent screams
They were shrill, overpowering the sky, vacant and dark

Sorrow flowed through my eyes
Eyes, colder than the winter rainfall
Unlikely to move, with bodies and souls stiffening up
Shivers travelled in out of nowhere
The lost time crumbled like an avalanche
Untouched by joy or sorrow
Way deep and down inside
Leaving traces of snow behind each step

White overpowered the golden array
Leaves turned pale yellow, all because of the falling snow
Unbearable silence began crippling my ears
A ruined love song flew through my mind
Lips were bleeding, and the voices had frozen

It never rained, those were all tears
Behind the dazzling, deep eyes
It was winter and we weren’t together
It’s winter again and love seems to have frozen


Gulraj Singh Bedi, 22 years old, is a student of Indian Institute of Mass Communication, an ardent political thinker, and a poet. I believe that every coin has got two sides. It becomes very important for all of us as individuals and moreover as responsible citizens of the society and our country to raise our voice against something we deem is not appropriate. Governments, have their own policies, their own agendas, but at the end of the day, it is the individual who matters.

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