Image by Penny Christensen from Pixabay

Dancing Naked in Muddy Waters

We are a rising water
Drowning ourselves
In pools of infected hardship
While we swim aimlessly
Like tadpoles dancing naked
In muddy waters

We are a flagrant smoke
We live by no rules because
We are friends with the wind so
She carries us on her back on
A joy ride towards heaven
No matter whose eyes we sting to get there
Even though the ground is closer to hell

We are like a catfish burrowing deeper
Into slime, running away from
Ourselves and wishing the mud
Will peel the sins off our skin
While we dance naked in muddy waters

We are the toxin that takes flight
From pollution so it is no wonder
We don’t see a bad in ourselves
But we are quick to see the worse in the rest
We are misplaced soldiers not knowing
Which side to fight for so we just kill
All we can aim at till we drown
In piles of camo drenched in blood
And yet we blame the dead for wearing such dark clothes

But before then we were kids
Naive and laughing all day
Our skins spotless of hate
Dancing naked in muddy waters.

Hafsah Sule Dauda is a lawyer from Nigeria who happens to write. If she isn’t doing what other earthly beings do, she’s probably reading or most likely, writing. She writes for several sites and has self-published two books. She dumps all her brains fuzzy thoughts and stories on her blog,

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