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A Galaxy Impossible to Please

I didn’t need anyone to body shame me. I just looked deep down at the
worm folds on my belly and loaded my memory banks with loathe bullets.
It ravaged my grey matter into a billion pieces which splattered all
over the millimeter mug of my self-worth. I was often told I had to be
a stickler for lean meat and no diary. Today I flared. Fuck broad
shoulders that spread on into next year and rock abs that tense
magnificently with each exhale!  How time flies so quickly and you
realize that you’ve only been telling yourself lies. No one
cares how you look because everyone cares how they look. Self-beauty
is an edifice to the god of an individual’s mind. How life can be so
short yet we choose to let the negative voices ring loudest. From
life’s first cry as our tiny buttocks are kissed by fate to final
breath when earth rubs our penises against damp earth, frailty waxed
onto a galaxy impossible to please.

David Agyei-Yeboah is a young creative from Accra, Ghana that believes in expressing gutting raw energy onto plain paper. He enjoys art in its intricacies and loves to express himself through words and music.

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