Image by hamperium from Pixabay


I could have sworn I saw an eagle carrying
A whole person across the sky
Clutching her to its breast like a purse

The person, just a meal in flight
Always knew she was too prey for prayer
But fell on her knees anyway

A lot of things go on behind closed eyes
Oh and prayer

What is prayer if not a kind of pleading?
Wouldn’t you be tired if all you had to do to live was plead?
Beg, break your bones against the floor
Feel your stomach cling to your back
You have missed so many meals of answered prayer

I could have sworn I saw relief in woman’s eyes
Like she’d always known this day would come
Something smaller than her but with wings would
Snatch her up like a chick
Take her sight-seeing on its arms

The eagle is just a dream
But eagles kill their prey by dropping
Them dead and coming for them
And isn’t that what dream-chasing sometimes does
Take you on a high of promised flight
Before reminding you that you cannot fly

I could have sworn I saw the woman wave
At me from inside her fearless face
She did not ask me to save her
And when the eagle released
Woman hit the ground running

Busamoya Phodiso Modirwa is a Motswana writer and poet writing from Gaborone Botswana. She is a recipient of the Botswana President’s Award for Contemporary Poetry 2016. She has poems published on the Ake Review, Jalada Africa 2019, Boys Are Not Stones II and elsewhere. Her short story, ‘The Healing Balm’ was shortlisted for the Botswana Tourism Fiction Award 2019 and her poems, ‘Family Time’, ‘Surviving Suicide’ and ‘Coat Of Many Colours’ are published on the Writers Space Africa magazine. Phodiso’s work also appears on The Kalahari Review.

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