Image by Indranil Sarker from Pixabay

Finding the Dream

Dreams must live behind the eyes because the moment you
open them, you can only build them or watch them perish

Yet, it is with the same hands that we would forge these dreams,
That we will eat, and wipe the shit from our anuses.

So I set into the wilderness in search of wisdom; to ask the termite
How they built their castles without fighting wars;

I set into the forest, to ask the flower about beauty and attraction
How a butterfly does its bidding in the currency of pollens;

I set into the clouds to ask what it thinks of the sea, but I met
Laughter. I was told, don’t I know the skies and the seas are twins?

I set into the mountains to ask about power; the mountains ask me,
What is power? They asked me to remove a tooth to better understand.

I set into the seas to ask about pain. I was told I should have come with
A gash; between the salt and the sharks, perhaps I’ll have wisdom in my tears.

So I weep, I weep with all the heart a man can afford, at how these dreams
I call mine are so fickle to grasp. I weep and become guilty of laughing

Till sleep finds me, and these dreams become a theatre where I stay longer
And longer till the muezzin calls the adhan and the Imam finishes prayer.

And once again I open my eyes, and these dreams snap like twigs
Under the march of a thousand boots called living.

Every morning, a pigeon asks me, what did you dream of?
I close my eyes, but I can’t remember.

Ahmad Holderness is a medical doctor and he writes from Lagos, Nigeria. His haiku has appeared on Chrysanthum, The Mamba, Creatrix, Acorn, and Haiku Presence, and was shortlisted for the Babishai 2017 Haiku Awards. His other poetry has appeared on Entropymag/Enclave, TSSF and in the International Women’s Day 2017 Anthology by Praxis Magazine Online.

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