By James Ogunjimi
Tao Radio,

Dealt a deadly blow.
Messengers of national crooks,
Who have problems with the truth.
Cowards who cannot appear in broad daylight;
Carried out their evil designs under the cover of night.

Tao Radio,
National symbol of hope.
Blared the message of truth fearlessly,
Pursued the course of justice earnestly.
Torn apart by deadly bombs;
Planned and detonated by wicked thumbs.

The fall of Tao Radio,
The unfortunate triumph of enemies and foes.
Four agents of truth cut down in a brutal way,
Four shining suns forced to set at mid-day.
Your killers continue to walk free because there’s no proof;
But continue to rest in peace, you votaries of truth.

Tao Radio,
Once stood tall, but now brought down low.
But we will not lose hope or stop believing,
Tao Radio has fallen, but it will rise again in life’s evening.
For from the ashes of dead embers,
Will rise another voice that the world will remember.

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