Image by Bess Hamiti from Pixabay

For the girl child

Your future is not
The treasure in between
Your thighs, don’t let
Them dig it up
And wear it around
Their necks to show off
Like a fake gold necklace

Your destiny is
Not tied at the
Top of your breasts
Like two volcanoes
If they so much as
Try to suck at
Your nipples like
Hungry babies give
Them lava for milk,
And let it burn
Their tongues which
Like sharp swords
Have cut many a girls
Heart into pieces
With their sweet vomit.

Take them to the vastness
And depths of your brain
Like an ocean and if
They cannot swim spit
Them out like empty
Useless bastards.
You are not the red
Sea they cannot split
Your body with their
Weak staff.

Your story is not
Exodus and they
Are not Moses.
Your body is not
A bible don’t let
Them turn your
Pages looking for
Their favourite chapter.

Siphiwe Hlongwane enjoyed reading and writing as a teenager. He used to write such good essays at school so much that he became a go to person for his classmates when it came to compositions and essays. His teachers encouraged him to study journalism as a career but his grandmother couldn’t afford the fees. He is now an avid reader of poetry and he uses writing as a form of healing and letting out his deepest thoughts and emotions. He wishes to publish his work one day and teach others to use the power of the pen and paper for self expression.

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