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don’t ask me why I don’t wear bras
let’s talk about you:
why do you let yourself be turned into a present?
smoothed and dusted {over and over} like the working table of an OCD chef
as if all your bruises and fears and idiosyncrasies are residues to be swept into the bin
placed into a box–bigger boxes even trick the recipient {yes, trick. they do not think you are enough}
& tied fancifully at the end
finishing touches / “My single daughter is a fantastic cook, a graduate and she loves to clean”
unable to be free till the owner comes for his package
i let my nipples kiss my outfits
and breasts jump towards all directions
because unlike you,
i resist all forms of imprisonment.


Seundede Kubeyinje likes to think of herself as someone who travels across time, borders and dimensions as she pleases with nothing but her pen: a Pen-Traveller. Some of her writings have been published online and she received a Gold award from the Queens Commonwealth Writing Competition. She’s currently exploring life as a new adult.

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