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in the beginning
Night proposed
its darkness to the sky
Day also came running over
painting light everywhere

this is not my sorry story
it’s the world’s, its characters’

Winter later showed
its bone-chilling face
supplanted by Summer
beautiful against its
searing countenance

the world crawls on its fours
and the rage is yet to come

when eventually
Fire flamed out in all
of its charged ardor
Water flowed gently
until the ocean was full

the world suckles freely
and trots about its own edges

then came proud Lions
in their tawny coats
and carnivorous spirits
Lambs were left at a
corner grazing the green
in a remorseless silence

the world grows its first tooth
and how awesome that must feel

the next dawn
Cats meowed their
way into existence
Mice also gained
entrance, pointing
their snouts at life

the world tries its milk teeth
on the rock, calling it bread

all in all in all
nature happened

and trouble finds the untroubled
changing their status free of charge

purposes differed
forces clashed
oil fought water
forgetting they
were both liquids

faith and doubt in the same pot
is that the recipe’s directive?

the world once
jolly and yummy
became a fierce

for to love is war
and to hate is war

joy got a
happy name
and sorrow
a sad game of
hacking hearts

the world becomes The World
—and it is simply what it is

for in the very beginning
was where and when
the end marked us out
neared and cornered us
then stepped back and watched us

Joseph Olamide Babalola is a writer and poet whose heartfelt love for literary creativity is unending. A co-winner of 2018 PIN Food Poetry Contest, his fictions and poems have appeared in 101words, Poetica, Kreative Diadem, MONUS2.0, Tall Tales Anthology, K&L Anthology, WordFest’19 and others. He lives in Ogbomoso, Nigeria, where he daily engages with creative arts and nature.

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