illustration by Sarah Hussein

Introduction by Tariro Ndoro


I remember reading as a child quite vividly. My favourite stories were by Roald Dahl and were mostly improbable stories set in fantastic settings. As a child, I read simply for the pleasure of it. In fact sometimes I would become so immersed in stories that I would completely forget where I was for hours and hours.

Unfortunately, a lot of children (and adults as well) do not have the privilege to escape into other worlds as they are unable to read or write. While learning to read and write remains a basic right, 38% of adults in Africa are unable to read. Two thirds of illiterate adults are women.

Download and read Give me your teeth


At Praxis Magazine Online, we believe in sharing good literature across the continent and around the world. One of our other aims is to be a socially responsible magazine and one of the causes we’re passionate about is literacy. This passion for literacy is what inspired Praxis Magazine’s International Literacy Reading Drive, an initiative similar to the Nal’ibali Organisation’s various literacy initiatives.

Give me your teeth is a charming children’s story by Amirah Al Wassif, illustrated by Sarah Hussein. It is set in the faraway land of Orshalim where three young boys encounter a flying plate and adventure ensues. The story is appropriate for both children and grownups to read, and therefore, a perfect story to encourage reading and celebrate International Literacy Day (8 September).

We’re hoping that you’ll download the story and read it aloud to your children and post pictures on social media with the hashtag #PraxisReads. Perhaps this will be a catalyst to get you reading regularly and perhaps one child will discover that they have a flair for language and storytelling through this initiative.

Download and read Give me your teeth

If you are an adult without a child of your own, borrow one: a niece, a nephew, a neighbour…give them (and yourself!) the gift of sharing a story with them. If there are no children readily available to read with you, but you’re willing to admit you are still yourself a child at heart, then post a picture of yourself reading this delightful tale with the hashtag #PraxisReads, and share your smile with us.

September 2018
Tariro Ndoro
Associate Editor, Fiction
Praxis Magazine Online

Download and read Give me your teeth


Amirah Al Wassif is a freelance writer. She has written articles, novels, short stories poems and songs. Five of her books were written in Arabic and many of her English works have been published in various cultural magazines. Amirah is passionate about producing literary works for children, teens and adults which represent cultures from around the world. Her first book, Who do not Eat Chocolate was published in 2014 and her latest illustrated book, The Cocoa Book and Other Stories is forthcoming.

Sarah Hussein is an Egyptian illustrator. She has designed interior drawings and covers for literary books and various magazines. In 2018, she was awarded the Arab Prize in an art contest. Sarah regularly participates in art exhibitions and cultural activities.

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