God don comot we house.
Snake dey we ceiling, dey play wit we pikin for we yad.
Wetin pikin know? E dey grand dey laff  laik who dem dey tortori.
Big big hole don dig enta we wall; ofeotor dey hide for dere;
Dem dey com for nait dey obtain kishin laik omila;
Dem dey doj rat gum laik Spidaman.
Cricket no dey let peson sleep; deir collabo wit moskitoes
Plus d heat wey no dey end, make sleep run comot we eye.

Wen we go get piss for we house?
Wen beta pipo go come tell we trut?
Wen dem go stop to take fud from we mout gif dog?
God don comot here o, na only we dey here dey die laik fly.
See rain cari d yam wey we plant go; na only ugwu dey.
We wan drink ugwu wota till we die?
Broda man don disapiye for Malaysia;
Some don die for prizin for Libya;
D rest, dem dey kill dem for Sout Africa. God don comot here.



God has left our home.
Snake is in our ceiling, playing with our child, in our compound.
What does a child know? He is on the ground laughing like he is being tickled.
A big hole has dug into our wall; rats hide inside there;
They come out at night to raid the kitchen like a thief;
They dodge the rat gum like Spiderman.
Cricket does not let one sleep; their duet with mosquitoes
Plus the heat that never ends; gives us insomnia.

When we will get peace in our home?
When will good people come and tell us the truth?
When will they stop taking food from our mouth and give to dogs?
God has left here; it is only us who are here dying like flies.
See the rain has carried the yam we planted away; only pumpkin leaves remain.
Are we going to drink pumpkin leaf juice until we die?
Brother man has disappeared in Malaysia;
Some have died in prison in Libya;
The rest, they are killing them in South Africa. God has left here.


Oka Benard Osahon is creative writer, poet and fantasy novel addict from Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. He attained his B.A in English and Literary Studies at Delta State University, Abraka. His poetry can be found on Brittle Paper, Kalahari Review, Praxis Magazine Online, Spillwords and Visual Verse. He was one of the winners of the Praxis Magazine Online 2016 Anthology Contest as well as the winner of the June 2017 Edition of the Brigitte Poirson Poetry Contest. He lives and works in Abuja where he writes at night after work. He can be reached at Twitter: @serveaze

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