ruins at Waverly Abbey, Surrey, UK (photograph by Shannon Hopkins)


God wanted a lover so she made you, love in human form
she said “come forth, love me”
then she commanded you,
go, live, love!

& I don’t know who told you that love
is a mule you steal in the middle of the night
or a well you draw from only before dawn but
God made you, love & light & beauty & holiness
God touched your face and whispered,

she called a meeting of lovers and made you,
from love, in love, for love
& I don’t know who lied to you, that love
is a colt you steal from its owner
or a journey through valley of the shadows of hell but
God made you, love & light & beauty & holiness

& you should call another meeting of your members
say to them:
you are love
you are light
you are perfection
you are holiness

gather your forgotten pieces from dark corners,
from deserted roads,
from places that never could hold you,
bring yourself home, to you,
to the love of God
& say to yourself,
I am love
I am light
I am perfection
I am holiness

call yourself by your given name, love

about the poet:
Olakitan T. Aladesuyi lives in Lagos, where she spends her days writing computer programs and releasing herself as a vessel for the debut collection of everything poetic that’s slowly working through her. Her fiction and poetry has appeared in African Writer, Kalahari Review and others. Recently, she took part in the Afro young adult workshop organized by Goethe-Institut. When the manuscript lets her, she writes wicked prose and feminist articles on her blog, Sometimes, she tweets here: @kitanbelles

about the photographer:
Shannon Hopkins is Art Coordinator for Praxis Magazine Online.

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