a taste of Kanyinsola Olorunnisola’s chapbook IN MY COUNTRY, WE’RE ALL CROSSDRESSERS, forthcoming from Praxis Magazine Online on 27-May-2018!!!!


Maybe poetry is just childbirth, the divine delivery of infant words splashed on wood, kicking & screaming for the stillness of wandering eyes; but why do my poems keep coming out dead? Wrinkled & black & voiceless, they look like things from a time when visions of the colour purple led to a brief exodus of the colour brown from the land of the brave.

In my dreams, a banner singes bright in the air but there are no stars spangling it, just the blood of my brothers coating the ashes & these ashes soon find their way into my lungs; with this I wake up trapped inside this prison of mortal flesh, bleeding from the nose, my room becomes home to nightfall and nineteen moons come to pay homage to my body’s love of happy endings.

Don’t let me die, a song without a name plays in my head.

Let us be clear, my poems look nothing like me: full of life & love & joy & life & energy & light & life. Did I say life? It is my way of saying I like being alive, though every breath is a rehearsal of a story written by men who do not look like me. Depression attracts sympathy until your best friend scrolls through your Most-Watched Movies folder: Out of Africa, The Colour Purple, To Kill a Mockingbird, Roots & Get Out; calls you a recovering alcoholic living in a liquor store. Hollywood always kills the black boy, or girl. Death comes in one colour but many forms & silence is one of them, so I get ready for labour again, may it come out alive this time around.


Kanyinsola Olorunnisola‘s chapbook, edited by JK Anowe, is the newest addition to Praxis Magazine Online‘s digital chapbook series. It will be released on 27-May-2018. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!

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