Image by Andres Felipe UrreaGiraldo from Pixabay


  1. On the day Satan trended on twitter
    There was anger and hatred everywhere
    Everyone tweeting long threads
    “These bastards should go to hell!”
    Here comes the untold tale
    Aptly named The Crisis Of State.
  2. Once upon a time
    Clement invited Jane over
    She came as instructed
    Nine o’clock in the night
    Naive and blissful
    Discovered Aaron was in the apartment too
    She was elated to make acquaintance
    Push her talent to the next level
    With a smile
    Jane closed her eyes
    And offered a short prayer of thanks and praise.
  3. Fast forward eight months later
    Jane has been hospitalised again
    The herpes can’t just go away
    She’s become thinner
    Her bank account way lighter
    The pain inside is killing her
    She can’t take it anymore
    She takes it to Instagram and spills it all.
  4. In an exclusive interview
    On a blogger’s Youtube channel
    Clement and Aaron apologise
    Blaming the devil for their woes
    They didn’t mean to threesome the girl
    Here they were
    Quoting Bible verses
    And promising to work on their behaviours
  5. Pastors and priests took up to them
    Defending their actions
    Defining it as momentary possession
    “They are still strong ministers of Christ!”
  6. That very Sunday
    The bulk of the radio playlist
    Aaron and Clement’s latest collaboration album
    ‘The Gospel In Me; Why am saved!’

Kiio Mutua is a teenage poet studying computer science at St. Paul’s University in Kenya.

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