written by Kwabena Agyare Yeboah

1. Let’s Think of Grey Things
One day, life will sneeze
We will gather baskets and pick her droplets
Like how we pluck fruits in the fields

Maybe, we will understand why the sun is called moon
When it sleeps
Or, why words hold our hands

There will be a creak
And we will find life is the pebble under a door
Engraved, like names written on tombstones


2. Kumasi
A city rests on dew
Marching to the rainbow

Yellow beam sunlight slices at angles
Coughing breath out of exhausted bodies

There is a place where dreams torment like nightmares
Where lives hang on drying lines
And swing to the benevolence of the wind

Messages are scribbled by the horns of tro-tro
And hurriedly posted by kayayei
Like telegraph, they are transmitted from farther distances

There is a place that nurses dreams
And trades hope as currency
Will perfumes young souls for hard work
Kajetia is a refrain of survival

Within the city, agoo soars
It is the title of the drama called life

Towards the sunrise, and still folks rise
Kumasi rises to another day


Kwabena Agyare Yeboah lives and writes from Kumasi, Ghana.

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