Image by Thomas Pedrazzoli from Pixabay

Land So Rich But Poor

Nature has dearly blessed my land with unmatched abundance
You can feed your starvation and I would still have a balance

I dig a hovel, plant a seed, and in a few moons, I have my plenty
But they came with deceit, and made my own brother my enemy

They said my brother was the only reason I wasn’t powerful
And if I eliminated him, for sure, my life would be colorful

So I believed them made my brother my worst enemy
Little didn’t I know that was going to be the end of me!

Fire and more fire against my kin, I am filled with deadly rage
But by the day and night, all they did was siphoning their pillage

I couldn’t run out of bullets, they made sure I had enough supplies
I didn’t wake up to reality, I was nourished with their exceeding lies

By design, they made sure I had enough money for war
Now my people are starving, I can’t even feed the poor

The media won’t tell the truth, they keep tarnishing my reputation
Yes, they divided my land into warring parties for their domination

Life is now hard in my land but death has become so easy
I have become weak, even their weakest can now tease me

Every day I see an exodus of my young people into foreign lands
Straight away, they are abused and manned by the vicious hands

My people cross the oceans in search of better lives but end up as sea food
The boat capsized, lives are lost, see! The sharks are in celebration mood

How can the land of abundance suffer the worst of hungers?
My people have been turned into the best of street beggars

Rise up my dear land, you will never prosper divided
Wake up! Know the real enemy and fiercely fight it

Reclaim your freedom and by all means declare a victory
Blow the horn of the mighty warriors! Valor over bigotry

And when the enemy is completely silenced and no more
Raise your fallen siblings, no one should suffer anymore

Forget the invisible dividing lines called international borders
We come from one motherland, remember we are all brothers

There is no West, East, North or Southern Africa
We are one people, yes! You are my truest replica

You rise I shine, you stumble I fall, mine is all yours
Our destiny is intertwined like the lines of contours

Ngong John is a young South Sudanese poet, writer, Philosopher and activist whose love for personal freedom reigns above all that he writes and speaks about. His personal mission is to free humanity from the tyranny of the society and historical biases through the use of poetry and philosophical dialectics. Ngong is the founder and CEO of a knowledge charity called the Happy Readers-South Sudan which is a platform for encouraging people to embrace the culture of reading. The charity is based on the belief that reading is an act of self-liberation and that there is treasure in the pages.

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