I am a solid
dissolving in water.

I am the ghost
among you.
That is the Thing with being invisible.

I am desert.
I have no water.
Everything is always going.

Nothing is staying,
the sun.

She is all I have like
my mother.
She will bring out

the shadow in me.
She will direct me
by her rays.

She will protect me
from the vampires.
She will take me

into her fire,
& make me
my own days, long & dry

like an desert road.
She will make me
an empty house

with zero people.
There are dusty photographs
on the wall.

They are signatures
of all who left.
They are signatures

of all who forgot.
I am a forgotten Thing.
Like your kneecap.

That is the Thing
with being invisible.
My father doesn’t even know

my middle name.
My mother is the sun
& the world.

Every night, she goes
behind the sea
& cries

so that,
because tears are like salt water,
& the world is a dull child,

it won’t be able to scratch
the surface,
& tell the difference

because in my country,
stealing is not the same
as corruption.

That is the Thing
with being invisible.
I wanted to write

a song for you.
I wanted to write
your name with the stars

because I thought
stars never leave;
because I thought

the Heavens was their home,
the way
I was Heaven

& you an Angel, until you fell.
I wanted to write a song
for you,

& raise my glass of liquor
to your going
because you are a car,

& I am a lover
with too many bags.
The car can only take so much.

Nothing ever truly stops,
or ends.
It is a long & brown road

that continues one breath
at a time,
one pain

at a time,
one woman
at a time.

& this is the Thing
with being invisible.
It leaves me hollow Ola m.

It leaves me hollow.



Stanley Princewill McDaniels is a Nigerian poet. His poetry chapbook Entrapment is forthcoming on Praxis Magazine Online on 25th October. His works have appeared on Bakwa Magazine, Kalahari Review, Bombay Review, Tuck Magazine, and Brittlepaper amongst others.

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