Image by Pattadis Walarput from Pixabay


I didn’t strike it, it found me. I didn’t even have hands or a head
It gave me everything, went through distress so I could have breath and bread
It wrapped me lovingly in its golden embrace and I took it in mine
Wore it as an ornament, plated my entire body with its glitter so the world could see me shine
It didn’t stay superficial; it flowed in my red stream and pulsated with my heart.
But then the gold decided to leave, to return to the dust it once came
Submitting to a hoe, leaving my sight forever. Oh! What a shame
It took away the opulence I once cherished and became a treasure lost.
Maybe not lost for I know where it lies and could even reach it
But there would lie in my reach, shear madness and futility.
And though the part that beats with my heart still retains its berth
I wish beyond anything to again hold the yellow now held in earth.

I’m a Nigerian writer and medical laboratory personnel who has long ago bent all knees to the leadership of knowledge for she’s that powerful. I presently write from my humble haven in Benin city, Edo state and I sometimes take food and basketball more seriously than a sudden attack of diarrhea. I have had my works published in Kalahari review and a great many places in my hopeful imagination.

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