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Let me tá ẹ lo lo bò
I’ve been visiting Sukura
The one whose mama sells Àkàrà
Sukura is like a shining light living in the abode of Aláké

Whenever you see me putting on Ankara and dancing like Ayaba -the greatest dancer of Oranmiyan
Àní, anytime you see me putting on Fìlà Abeti Ajá and I rhythm with the breath of the wind galloping through the arms of illusion

I just want you to know ni
That I’m seeing Sukura, the daughter of iya Alákàrà
I’ve been meeting her
Under the embrace of igi orónbo at the village square of Ayé l’oja

In case I refuse to kiss the day and I lay my chest at your feet bi ọlọ́gbọ́n, in
case I choose to welcome abreast the living tiny moon and the night refuses
to pause its breath for the Arrival of this burning sun
Mama, please don’t be scared
Even if I sense danger on the tree at the branches of igi owú
But My soul will be safe like groundnut seed, without my body I would still

I’m melting in the breath of Sukura
And her Love is killing me like ọtí wáìnì
Í have drank many calabash of ẹmu Ógù rò And many ọtí alágbè but this
Love, Máami, kills mé better than gegemú.

Oya come, Sukura
Let’s dance a didactic dance to ìlú ọgbọ́n and stretch the mat kelele
Put your back down like omidan
let’s kiss heaven together bíi ọlọ́gbọ́n
And live together like ojogbon

That’s my dream girl, Maami
And l kiss her thoughts everyday
embracing her every stain so that we will live together through our every

Maami = My mother
tá ẹ lọ lọ bò= hint you
Sukura = A Yorùbá name
Àkàrà = Beans cake
Ankara = A type of cloth
Ayaba = The king’s wife (A Queen)
Àní =i said
Igi orónbo= pine tree
Ayé l’oja = name of a village
bi ọlọ́gbọ́n=like The knowledgeable
Igi owú = cotton tree
oti wáìnì = wine
oti alágbè = beggars’ wine
Ẹmu ógùró =palm wine
Gege mú = green berry
Ilu ọgbọ́n =drum of wisdom
Omidan =Maiden
Kelele =till dawn

Adeyeye James Oluwatobi is an Electrical /Electronics Engineer and a poet writing from ọmú Aran, Kwara state Nigeria. He explores the intersection between human conditions and faith in his works. He was listed among the top 100 poets for the 2019 Nigerian Students Poetry Prize. His works have featured in many anthologies and journals.

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