The dead goat’s blood has been covered up with sand
I am grateful they did that
It was so bright red
on the grass

The blood has been covered up with grey sand and gravel
but I can still tell the spot
and it haunts me
every time I go there

It wasn’t so bad, with the three chickens
all I saw were feathers in the compost pit
But I saw the big fat white goat lying there in our backyard
And so did the little girls
(except my sister who locked the door)

I don’t remember any other animal being slaughtered here all these years
or maybe they were and I never knew

– so we’re having nyama choma today
Its ribs
My brother’s idea immediately he saw the goat
He will roast them
in the same backyard
right there
next to the covered up blood


Twahira Abdallah: I am a 29 year old student at University of Nairobi studying public health. I previously studied psychology at USIU. I enjoy reading and travelling.

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