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My War Doesn’t Speak My Mother’s Tongue

when you ask ‘how are you’
how do I tell you
that there is a chasm in me
swallowing gods.

that my voice quakes and my teeth clatters
’cause there’s a scream behind it
shoving my tongue down my throat

my mind
is a poem, having baptism
and after the priest says rise
it burrows deeper into the water
asking for death
as a cleansed man

how do you communicate with your un-doing
if you do not even understand
the language
it speaks

John Dele is an avid adventurer of the self. He is curious about life, love, God, and language; this has come to form the basis of his poetry. He has been called a lot of things but he likes being a writer best. John has not authored a book yet, neither has he won any awards, but poetry sometimes makes his heart beat really fast and he just wishes to share his with you. You can connect with him on social media @temmywrites. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

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