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Neither Here Nor There


What a fiery beauty you have become!
My brother, fruit of my father’s loins.
Thence came our crossroads.
You chose West
I chose home.
I dine amala and ewedu
I wine fura and nunu,
Ugba and palmwine are priceless to me.
But you.
Yes you!
You washed away your colours.
You embraced foreign cosmetics,
Your fiery train to the west.
But you boarded the wrong train abroad.
It has taken you beyond your destination:
Now you are washed out, shrunken, colourless.
Now you’re neither here nor there.


Nigerian-born Darlington Chukwunyere is a thespian of Unizik Theatre, a screenwriter, a poet, and a self-published author. He co-wrote Gold Dust Ikenga which premiered in London in 2017 by Silver Achugamonye’s UK-based Silver-Globe Sines. His voice has been heard on Kalahari Review, Klintji Magazine, the Voices Project, and elsewhere.

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