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Nigeria is . . .

Nigeria is a terror machine that surrenders it’s young to death.
Nigeria is an arbeitsplatz decorated by dearth.
on every side & diplomatic nonsense.
Nigeria is a mad peacock fight in the middle of Zamfara.
Nigeria is a thicket of dead poplars.
Nigeria is the blowjob giver to political shenanigans.
Nigeria is the employee depot for the devil’s art.
Nigeria is a poisoned dinner served at dusk.
Nigeria is a parochial preacher with private jet.
Nigeria is an ingorgo to the destitute.
Nigeria is an empty bookshop in the middle of April.
Nigeria is a blood-stained satin about the waist of a mad woman.
Nigeria is a macrocosm of the spirited poor.
Nigeria is the shard of a mirror that reflects the beginning of the end.
Nigeria is the dry confession of a hired killer.
Nigeria is the groundnut pyramid that just got robbed.
Nigeria is an Almajiri stranded under a Lagos bridge.
Nigeria is the beautiful monody of the subjugated.
Nigeria is an epicurean book with incomplete chapters.
Nigeria is an alley filled with drunk teens.
Nigeria is a feartherless chikadee.
Nigeria is a beggar in an empty gutter.
Nigeria is a cross road with malfunctioning street lights.
Nigeria is the grido of a woman in labour.
Nigeria is a tax office that never closes.
Nigeria is the enemy of liberty.
Nigeria is the chief joker of decadence.
But I will defend & fight for her.
Same with you. So will you.

Ingorgo (Italian) — obstruction
(Italian) — scream
(German) — workplace

Ugwu Erochukwu Shedrach is a young African poet. Shortlisted for the 2017 Commonwealth youth poetry prize. His work has appeared on AceWorld, Poems and Poetry, Swquak Back, Heron’s Nest and elsewhere. An enthusiast of moral philosophy, he holds a Degree in Soil Science from Enugu State University. He lives and writes from a little village in the same state.

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