On August 1st, 2015 award winning filmmaker and aspiring philanthropist, Nuhu Dalyop stormed the streets of Lagos alongside fellow young filmmakers. Their mission was simple, to touch the lives of ‘street’ children through all forms of Arts. They gave out cloths to some of the children, shared some art materials, and above all, discussed possibilities of picking a career in the world of Arts. This annual campaign organized by Save A Child Through Arts, an initiative founded by Nuhu Dalyop.

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Alloyed actor                Alloyed Actor

S.A.C Though Art, is an independent non profit organization with the aim of instilling hope in the lives of the ‘street child’ through visual arts, photography, painting, sculpture, writing etc. “We are here to give hope to the hopeless, not every child will be opportune to attain a formal education,” Nuhu said.

“But every child could make a whole out of art if given the opportunity with platform for support, which would give their lives a meaning and profitable to them.”

“Our campaign commenced last year. We target those (children) on the streets and not those in motherless homes, around Lagos, locations are oshodi, Ikeja, and different parts on the island. We provided cloths and food stuffs to this kids, with some artistic materials, with hope that they could try something out.”

“So this year with a little work and rebranding, we decided to hold a campaign to raise awareness, on the same day, august 1st 2015, with lots of artist, filmmakers, and other none governmental organizations granting us their support through media, we held the whole awareness campaign round Lagos on august 1st, with notable faces and people of different virtues who showed us love and support.”

“Our aim is to soon hold a national campaign around Nigeria, giving out cloths, welfare and most of it all, a session to raise fast learners of any arts among this children.”

Nuhu and friend                Nuhu Dalyop and friend at August 1st’s event.

The Save A Child (S.A.C) Through Arts Foundation is open for partnership and sponsorship from individuals and organizations.

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