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October finds me
There are pieces of myself
I did not know

Here’s to the boy
who dreamed
who painted his world
in shadows and in stars
Here’s to the boy
who looked upon
the expanse of the sky
snatching at the air
for a semblance of a name
Here’s to the boy
who lost himself
as he searched for a home
in broken things:
and the jagged pieces of a broken hymn
He was looking for a God
that was deep within his soul,
in wild currents:
and tears
that could not shed themselves
so they flowed
fashioning themselves
into words:
the semblance of a name
a home

October is a tree
shedding her leaves
a dream
the scent of old spice,
weaving melodies
into consciousness:
a song

There is beauty here
in dreams
a prayer
this wish upon a star
in song
beauty here
in scars
writing names
upon the pages of my sky-
this body
that has learned
You do not fight
a war against yourself
and win

Who said
we could not weave stars
into anklets
or song
from broken men?

Mayor Prosper Ihechi is a writer, poet, amateur photographer, and a lover of good music, movies, and Art in all its forms. He writes to silence the voices in his head (because they are always talking), and to make known everything he cannot say aloud. Born in Rivers State, Nigeria, he currently resides in Enugu State, a fourth year student of Law in The University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. He is also the head of Geek’s Cave Literary Agency, a firm dedicated to easing the writing process. He can be contacted via

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