Old Man


Tea pot, tea hot,
Hissing sound, sizzling song,
Misty morning, missing someone,
Licking heavens, wrecking rain,

Ticking clock, clicking sound,
Fading memories, caressing moments,
Hypnotizing lights, kryptonite life,
Humming birds, hymning earth,

Graying beards, gaining wisdom,
Poignant stare, crowning scare,
My children in the city, my prayers for the city,
Face wrinkled, love winkle,
Old man’s life, chasing the grave.


Haggai Imbiaka writes from Nairobi, Kenya: Born and raised in Kibera, I have been writing and performing poetry for the last 10 years.  My work concentrates on the struggles of human life: fight for justice, equality and also enjoyment of life at large. Currently I hold quarterly poetry event at Riara University in Kenya dubbed: Poetry at Dusk. These events seek to promote poetry and give chance to people to share their arts as a way of speaking about issues affecting in our society and offer solutions in their works.

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