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poem for Africa

because i am here in this poem –
legs crossed – hands in
chest, my teacher defining home
as a garden of birds.

because this poem is the best
thing that has happened to me
over the years – a victory – a line

of prayers – joys of war – motherhood,
i feel like breaking songs like
the kola in grandfather’s teeth

i feel like calling a thing what it is
& my brother’s laughter
a reason to sprinkle miracles

on the stars. because i am here in
this poem, the mouth of my
tongue is the cloud seeding

fruits of heavy downpour in its
backyard. heavy downpour
to grandma is the tales she told us
under the moon: of a rat

& the stupid cat, of the wicked
stepmother & the fire that burns
her tongue.

because, here, this poem is
for home. when i asked what
home means from mother, she

brought out her breast from her
wrapper, & told me to write of
its milk. she told me to burn

my tongue & wait to see if the
scars would fall. & when
they fell, i am not blaming this

poetry because it is for

Shitta Faruq Adémólá is a late teen Nigerian Writer and Poet. He has his short stories and poems appearing and forthcoming in African Writer, Kalahari Review, Icefloe Press, Jalada Africa and elsewhere. He won first place in Shuzia Pen Protest Contest 2020. He also won second place in Naija haiku contest. Say hi on Twitter @shittafaruqade1.

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