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I always stretched myself
to into a straight line
So I could find space in the book of life
The day I unstretched myself
I was told I had sold my soul to the devil
The L in my words curved into O
My straight legs became curled
Last night I slept out of the house
It was too straight to hold my curved body
& the earth is not straight
& my body is not straight either
& I’m forced to live in a straight house
I awake at dawn to yawn for the curvy sun
before it rises on the straight horizon
It reminds me that darkness doesn’t always last
& I don’t have to hold ashes in my body
Sometimes I dread driving on the bridge
I fear I will look for sphericity in the waters of the ocean
I fear I will want to become water


ETHAN ZACHARY is a Nigerian, currently in his finals at college. He loves the smell of books and ink and currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

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