Who We Are

Praxis Hangout is a platform that caters for the development of creatives around the world, with special focus on Africa. Our ultimate goal is to apply the arts towards solving practical social problems while caring for the overall well being of the artist.

We hope to build a global community of creative people who support each other’s craft while pursuing the advancement of the arts and literary sector. It can be said that we are building the much needed support system for creatives. Our activities are volunteer driven.

We are a part of the larger Praxis family. Find out more about us here: www.praxismagonline.com

What We Do


● organize physical and virtual meetings called Hangouts
● enable interdisciplinary conversations between experts in different fields (say finance, law, health) with artists.
● seek to amplify conversations around mental health, to destigmatize the subject matter and make help readily available and very affordable.
● document and broadcast our meetings as well as expert opinions.
● hope to influence art-related policies and legislations in the future by interfacing with governments and other relevant organizations.

How We Do It


● connect creative people in need of therapy to mental health experts nearest to them.
● collaborate with organizations across the globe to create programs that equip practitioners with industry knowledge
● provide platform support in conjunction with our other sister agencies like Praxis Magazine and Praxis Books.

Who We Want

We are looking for interested persons to join our growing Organizing Team. In the past four years we have hosted Praxis Hangout in several cities across Nigeria and in Durban, South Africa (a partnership with the University Kwazulu-Natal). We wish to do more and properly institutionalize the work that we do.

If you are self-driven, innovative and enthusiastic about arts and literature, we encourage you to apply here.

For further details please download and read this guide.

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