Remember the lean years

When I bore you children

On straw mats

Inherited from your parents

Even then

I honoured you


In days of want

When an arm of wrapper

Was all I had

With three blouses

For church, farm and long journeys

I honoured you


Lanev my lord

When lack was all we had

As constant companion

We were content in our love

And I honoured you


In these days of affluence

Wealth erodes sweet memories

I ponder on the contempt

You now openly show me

And cannot but wonder

How in days gone by

I honoured you


Lanev my chairman

I may not be first lady

As I speak no English

And my tired breasts flowing

Against my sagging stomach

Are unsightly, you say

Unlike your new love


Know this my honourable

I had your youth

She only holds the remnants.



At dawn

A kiss of passion holds their world in state

The sun bows, the moon curtsies

At noon

Wearied by life’s worries

Lips pull apart slowly

Hisses replace kisses

Glances of suspicion abound

At dusk

They retire, not to rest

But to count ceiling boxes

Wondering if it’ll ever be dawn again.


Regina Achie-Nege has been an editor with Abboki Publishers Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria since 2007. A high school teacher, poet and literary enthusiast, Regina holds a BA (Hons) English and MA Literature. Some of her poems have appeared in various anthologies and literary journals. She has also published a number of articles in reputable journals. Regina is married and has three children.

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