Image by Lutz Peter from Pixabay


thirty-three and half years have I worn this body
but now, it’s wearing out//

this poem is a metaphor of the shadow of death,
and a boy running after his own shadow,
after a thousand echoes of his name
on the lips of fatigue, depression and repression.

in a cylindrical tunnel, life is a cyclic object
the boy is steering off//

this poem is a broken smiley – a simile
of a broken boy like a flood washing the shores
of his own body in lucid torrents of tears
this poem tells a tale – the boy is not a stone at Gethsemane.

but this boy did find his name beyond space and time
he sees his destiny engraved on a cross, a hill far away//

& I, when I saw that this body won’t go far –
this body of death, this mortal mobile casket,
I dropped it on the cross, I won this body
in the victory of the cross, I was in the picture.

& when the battle is finished, I became
the star directly above your roof//


Cockadoodledoo cockadoodledoo!
Don’t be surprised, chickens laugh too
– Olayinka Samson Aremu

Each time the eagle on the coat of arm
decides to feast,
she sheds blood in place
of tears – we tear//

Each time she attempts
to feed her young,
she scratches the map in place
of the soil – we’re soiled//

We taught the eagle
to dictate a symbol of strength
but she feeds on our young in place
of corn – she’s cunning//

The eagles we enthroned
above our alms and arms
told us their beaks
are to prey for us – an hoax//

We are the preys, we pray too
in our language and they,
prey on us in their language
as we pray – they prey//

This country is babel
every language sounds like war
every bird has its tone
and diction, we, poverty – addiction//

The eagle preys in her language and the chicken
prays for her in her innocent ignorance
that elites and masses speak to God
in different tones – referent//

Birds of a feather flock together
and wear the colour of fiery tongues
that talk a language
to bear a bruise or – a cruise//

SamuEL Amazing Ayoade is an award-winning Nigerian Writer in all genres of literature, a spoken word artiste, multiple slam champion and author. He acts, sings and plays keyboard and guitar. He has authored a number of books including Girl In The Portrait (a mystery novella).

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