Satans and Shaitans Book Tour

Welcome to Obinna Udenwe’s book tour of Satans and Shaitans.

Brief Description
In Satans and Shaitans, Obinna Udenwe tells the story of Chief Donald Amechi and Chris Chuba, members of an international fraternity. Chuba is an evangelist and preacher of international acclaim who teams up with Amechi in order to seize control of the nation’s seat of power. Together they co-opt the indirect services of an Islamic terrorist organization. The Islamists believe they are helping the government of their ‘brother’ but are in reality serving the ambitions of these two men.

As it happens, in the midst of this conflict, love blooms between the children of these two Southern power brokers. The fraternity finds out and demands the life of the evangelist’s daughter, Adeline. He reluctantly yields. However, even though the assassins detailed to the dirty assignment die in a car crash before they can carry it out, Adeline Chuba goes missing, and eventually turns up dead. Now there is a big question haunting the Chief and the preacher. Someone has stuck their hands in this pie. Who is it?

In a tightly woven tale of conflicts, terrorism, ambition, suicide bombings, love, treachery and political maneuverings, Satans and Shaitans is a crime thriller with twists reminiscent of Agatha Christie. Choices must be made and people who make them must face the consequences.

Listen to Obinna Udenwe read the prologue of Satans and Shaitans. (or click here)

Read the transcript here

Listen to him read a scene from page 52 (or click here)

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I hope you had a great time. Don’t forget to share and attend the other tours on all six other websites. There will be more readings and more fun.

About The Author
Obinna Udenwe is the author of the conspiracy crime thriller, Satans & Shaitans, published in Nigeria by AMAB books and in the UK in 2014 by Jacaranda Books.

Satans & Shaitans was a joint winner of the ANA Prose Prize in 2015. His novel addresses very topical issues of terrorism, jihad and politics. He is one of the few African writers fearless enough to delve into controversial issues – in 2015 he eroticised the Nigerian church in fiction in a series titled Holy Sex, published to wide readership and criticism.

In 2015 he established the ‘Crossover Mexico-Nigeria’ writing project. His works have appeared in Fiction365, Ehanom Review, Brittle Paper, Tribe, Kalahari Review, Alariwo, African Writer, Outside In Magazine etc., and anthologised in African Roar, Dreams at Dawn, ANA Review, and the Short Story is Dead Long Live the Short Story. In 2014 he was honoured with the award of the ‘State Literary Icon’ by the Government of Ebonyi State. Obinna Udenwe is a farmer and a democracy enthusiast.

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  1. Good day, everyone,

    It is a pleasure to be here on this platform to discuss Satans and Shaitans with you. If you have read the book, I am here to answer your questions on the characters or the plot, if you haven’t we can discuss the issues of terrorism and insurgency and how they affect our society, we can talk about writing in general. Feel free to join this discussion and to ask questions.
    If you don’t have a copy, it is easy, just send your contact details to, and you will get one in a few days.


  2. Congratulations Obinna, I have not yet read the book, but will try and get it as soon as possible.
    My question here is on the intricacies of getting a book published, what were the challenges and the limitations encountered.

    • Hi Sada,

      Thanks so much for joining in. Book publishing is an intricate process – you have to have a ready manuscript, well edited, then either approach a publisher directly or first get an agent, a literary agent, submit to the agent and if the agent love the manuscript, they will look for a suitable publisher for you.
      When the book is with the publisher, they will edit it again and again, of course working with you on this process. The publisher will sign a contract with you detailing terms of agreement throughout the time they will publish and market the book, including the areas where they own rights.
      But the first thing is to have a ready manuscript and every other thing will fall in place with time.
      Order a copy of Satans and Shaitans by emailing your details to

  3. Hello Obinna,

    I found the readings engaging. Why did you decide to touch on the issue of marital rape? Just curious.

    And I thoroughly enjoyed reading your conspiracy crime thriller. I hope there are more crime thrillers to come.

    • Hi Chioma, thanks for reading. I am happy you enjoyed it. There is another crime fiction on the pipeline, titled Viaticum – you will be the first to learn about it when we go to print. Marital rape is rampant in our society – it is something that happen every day but folks don’t talk about it because who wants to mention her husband rapes her or who wants to pocknose into the affairs of neighbours? And because of the Conservativeness of the African society, and the chauvinistic attitude of men here, they see women as objects, beneath them that can be trampled on at will. They see sex as a tool for influence and control – just as Evangelist Chuba was using forceful sex and rape to control and subdue his wife. So writing about it draws attention to it. I hope we can talk about it more and get it to stop.

  4. Oga Obinna, I enjoyed this book so much and want to know if there will be a sequel to this thriller please?

    • Hi Ms Raji, thanks for buying and reading my book. I am delighted that you enjoyed the book. For now I am not sure of a sequel, but it is something that has been suggested and I may be willing to explore it in the future.

  5. From bestselling American Crime and thriller writers; James Peterson, Magret Miller to James Stewart i noticed regular inductions of sex scenes in this genere, Satan and shaitan not exceptional with page 108. So without sex scenes in crime fictions will it turn prosaic or what?. I have 5 questions yet

    • No, without sex scenes the story won’t turn prosaic, Sir. Mostly it depends on the story – Dan Brown, Luis Rocha, P. D James rarely brings in sex scenes in their books. But since most of these stories have both males and females as central characters it could explain why you have sex scenes.
      For Satans and Shaitans the sex scenes are subtly explored because they are not very central to the plot. Any attempt to overdo it would have killed the story around it.

  6. My uncle was like the novel is too daring and would not be wholehearthedly welcomed by some astute nothern islamic pedagogies on the ground you tried dissecting a most topical issue Jihad the might assue its debth you would never unravel to theis satisfaction; what have you to say

  7. Sorry for the errors in question 2, i sent it unkowningly. The summary is, do you think the learned Imams would freely welcome it.

    • Thanks Celestine, we never entertained any fear that Muslims would not love the book or feel threatened by it – since the Nigerian edition came out and thanks to God the Nigerian publisher is in the North, we have received very heartwarming response from the Imams and Islamic scholars from there. While writing the book, I made sure that it potrays both religion in positive light whie throwing light on the nefarious and clandestine thoughts, plans and activities of a few extremists and never-do-wells who are bent on causing trouble and bringing to disrepute the religion of God.
      But of course, you can’t discount the fact that there must be some people who will not love the book, who will feel that the book exposes so much — those people we must watch out for.

  8. I beg to peep in your writer’s privacy, and let me start this way, transcript 73 and 74 are the best paragraphs i ever read after years of gulping Nigerian novels, and i say if award goes for the best paragraphs 73 and 4 to God, are ever the best, they open the eyes,hearts, minds souls, and spirits to the beams of glaring truths; i tell you this ‘graphs’ is the reason why the book is altogether glaring. My Uncle reads them aloud and made him says ‘this is the best way to tell our stories with books not thumped-up wriggles tagged novels rattling as cymbals and denoting zero, and now i ask what is your mood when you wrote the ‘graphs’; burning,vexed or nervous… have more questions.Hope u wont complain i ask much?

    • Thanks Celestine,

      Transcripts 73/74 – you mean pages 73/74? But then for every thing the writer writes, the mood differs and to be sincere the mood affects what is to be written or what is written. For every page or storyline in Satans and Shaitans, my mood at the point in time influenced what was written — it is very possible that if I am to rewrite those places now they would be different, the words would be different, the voice would be different. But I am not sure i now the places you are talking about.

      Thanks for loving the story and my regards to your uncle.
      The tour has moved to Brittle Paper today, join me there. Are you on Twitter?

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