By Stephen Adinoyi


A go joli
Fo dis mai bodi
Bikos a de fain
And mai bodi de shain

A go joli
Fo dis mai bodi
A bi fain lepa
We im bodi go bring beta

A no get moni
Bot a get bodi
We go bring moni
Tru mai honi

A no go dai fo povati
A don taya fo dis hongri
God don gif mi beta bodi
We a go tek joli joli

Bifo a bi mumu
We de chop fufu
Evri dey na so so fufu
Bot nau, a no bi mumu

A no fit go luk fo wok
A no get pawa to de tok tok
Enta son de luk fo wok
Mai bodi na shot kot
To joli joli
So, bai bai to povati
A go joli
Fo dis mai bodi
Bikos a de fain
And mai bodi de shain.


Stephen Adinoyi is a Kaduna-based  writes poetry, short stories, plays and film scripts. He is a former Vice Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Kaduna State Chapter and the past Chairman of the Kaduna Writers League. His works have featured in several newspapers and magazines in Nigeria and abroad, and has participated in many BBC and Commonwealth playwriting competitions. He has also been published in an anthology of Pidgin English, If Yu Hie Se A De Prizin, while his pidgin play, A No Beta Pas Mai Nebo, was recently staged in Abuja.

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