Two Lines

Every Saturday evening, Jane went to Lilongwe’s Zoda bar for the live band, and every Saturday evening, the band would play Miriam Makeba’s ‘Pata Pata’ and Jane would spring to her feet, and not sit back down until they played the last song of the night. The only thing different about that evening, was that she found herself dancing with a man. She had been so lost in the music she couldn’t even remember at what point he had joined her, much less how she’d ended up in his arms. “Neat moves.” He said as she fell back in the arch of his arm from a twirl. “Neat moves yourself,” she said back breathlessly.

“Mishal” He put out his hand for a shake as they got back to upright positions.

“Jane.” Jane shook the hand. Both a little out of breath from the dancing, they took advantage of that the band was on a break and they just sat on the stage, management probably would have had a problem with it had it been anyone else, but it was Jane, they were all enchanted by her and her weekly dancing.

“Are you South African?” Mishal asked her.

“No, just close enough to be familiar with all their jams. Namibian.”

“Oh, really? So where in Namibia are you from, Walvis Bay or the Caprivi strip?”

Jane laughed, “Wow! I usually need to explain to most people where we are on the map. You dated a girl from Namibia?”

“Not yet.” He said back with a mischievous smile.

They stayed  up talking all night, exchanged numbers after watching the sun come up, and for months, went on to have one of those whirlwind romances written about in romance novels. For a good couple of months everything was perfect, until one evening, over dinner at Zoda bar, where it had all begun, Mishal told Jane he didn’t think he could give her what she wanted. He settled the bill, kissed her on the mouth, and walked away.

Jane had never tried to ask him for an explanation, nor tried to reach out to him again. And so he would never know about the pregnancy test she had taken two weeks later. He would never know about the two lines that showed he had already given her what she had wanted.

Munukayumbwa Mimi Mwiya was born and lives in Namibia. She likes words so sometimes she likes to write. Nonfiction is her forte, but she sometimes dabbles in poetry and fiction.

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