I was into the system,
A system I never anticipated to be so corrupt,
A system that was supposed to guard the truth,
And protect the people,
But discovered that system was bedevilled with evil,
In the void of this system I tried to change,
But the normal engulfed me,
Believe me when I say, I had no choice,
Once you are in it you are engulfed by it.
For the good of it,
We all have the best interests when we enter into the system,
A will to change it,
A will to create a better life for the people that depend on us,
But then there was this word,
Very famous amongst us in the system,
The word was “bypassing the system”,
You try to change one thing and another hinders it,
You try to remain strong for the people you represent,
You try to establish a solid stance against evil,
But the normal is evil,
And you end up making enemies,
I had an agenda,
A list of changes I would make before I leave the system,
But once I entered the system all that changed,
My agenda became history and all that was good become bad,
I cry inside me,
Knowing how much I have changed,
How much I have derailed from the big plan,
And I tell you I was in the system,
I came into the system,
I saw the system,
But unfortunately I could not conquer the system,
The system consumed me.


Nwogbo Chibuike is a sixteen-year-old student from Anambra State, Nigeria. He is currently level SS3 studying at Unizik High School, Awka. His best hobbies are reading and writing. This is his favourite of the poems he has written because it really depicts politics in Africa.

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