Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay


There are unseen heroes amongst us,
They are not dressed in glittering armory,
Flesh covers their bones, blood flows through their veins,
They carry bread in one hand and clothing in the other.

Stretching farther into darkness laid,
Guided by the glow their bodies emanate,
This path they take, has become forgotten and deserted,
Minds clouded by fear of being haunted.

Their mission is to rescue the supposed invalid,
These ones civilization had long lost,
Whom voodoo had deemed fit a sacrifice,
Choices they never consented to.

“For these ones, we will wield our strength”,
Love is engraved on their bleeding hearts,
Though the end of their journey is not in sight,
They march on as they hear voices wailing to be saved.

Benjamin Oku is a native of Cross River, Nigeria, who currently lives in Calabar where he’s carrying out his undergraduate study on Genetics and Biotechnology in University of Calabar. Born into a family of four, he already set out a distinct path for himself into the future.

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