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Just as a sudden rain falls after a sunny day
Most great poems are sometimes unexpected
The poet lingers around it first word for hours
Making little dots on the first line of his book
Each time the idea perches as a bird on a tree
He hurries to work with hopes to see it end
And growls as the winds lift this birds away
Always the first word; Just as difficult as
Hosting a Christian crusade at Yemen.

The poet will be gummed to his chair all day
Staring at his ceiling and scratching his hair
What can be more difficult than a first word?
Surely his mother will call out from her room
‘Do you know where I kept my underwear?
The poultry house needs to be quiet.
And go tell the neighbors dogs to stop barking’.
A difficult mother can be more difficult
Than the difficult first word of a poem.

Most great poems are sometimes unexpected
And their first words are mostly difficult
As the word it self, ‘Di-f-fi-cult’.
It makes you stare at everything around you;
Fom the quiet wall gecko on the walls
To the industrious ants around your food crumbs
 From the tweeting birds outside your window
To the messy state of your laundry room

As difficult as the poem’s first word was to mould
When the inspiration unexpectedly sets in
As spontaneous sex does occur at times
The poet will write a story about his mother
How she was as difficult as his poem at first
He will add a description of the wall gecko
With descriptions of those industrious ants
And he will question why they act the way they do.

Nsikan Hilary is a native of Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. He is currently studying political science at the University of Akwa Ibom state(AKSU). He loves writing, reading, researching, and travelling. His favourite quote is, “Things are what the are and will be what the will be.”- Oscar Wilde. He writes from Ikot Ekpene in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

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