Image by Amanda Whitbeck from Pixabay

The trail of happiness

We the unhappy shall not drink peace
from a cup of beer, iced whisky
or nyama choma, Or;
sleep it in a springing bed
but, it shall be in the dressing of wounds

not in a handshake,
in Epictetus, Freud or Nietzsche
Nor tomorrow, nor now nor in dreams,
nor in fame
like yesterday in meditations
but in the decanting of bile
shall we find happiness

we shall find love
On a door mat, in muddy shoes
in a shared bereavement

from a father’s tears
in a child’s singing
in a wife’s hymn
we shall pluck forgiveness.

*nyama choma: roast beef

Moses Abukutsa is a Kenyan writer who writes poetry and fiction. He writes from Busia in Western Kenya. Moses studied English and Literature. Abukutsa is also a High School teacher and plays armature tennis. He has published online with Kalahari review, Praxis, African Writer, Kikwetu, Afritondo and an East African Online Business platform.

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