Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

The Two Sides of Me

Lately the tussle between the two sides of me has been draining
It’s like a day of mixed weather, sunny now but later raining

I gave it a light thought hoping this belligerence would cease
But this mêlée won’t terminate, oh I need some peace!

My inner voice said self-discipline must always be kept
But my body looked for all excuses and away it crept

My inner voice gives me big dreams and plans for the future
My body is interested in today’s pleasure

My inner voice sets the alarm like there is no time to loose
My body wants more sleep and tricks the alarm to snooze

My inner voice commands that I should be reading a book a week
My body says, oh man, for that I am too weak

My inner voice advises that I shouldn’t worry about a thing
My body knows from experience that easy comes nothing

My inner voice says I need to be nice to everyone
My body says don’t easily trust anyone

Sometimes the inner voice is strong and the body is weak
At times the body is strong but the inner voice needs a tweak

My inner voice says I need to always put my house in order
Most times, my body is in rush and things end up in disorder

My inner voice is willing to be courteous and go the extra mile
But my body frowns, it’s struggling to offer a single smile

My inner voice says I need daily meditation
The body says I am creating too much complication

My inner voice says I should always help the poor
My body says, blame those who started the war

My inner voice says, daily mental exercise is compulsory
My body says, that is a totally new glossary

My inner voice says, I must spare some money as my savings
My body reminds me that I shouldn’t forget my weekly shavings

My inner voice says I need to study more till I have a PhD
My body says I can’t just imagine such things unless I see them in HD

This fight has been bothering me for so long
I wonder when my body and soul will truly get along

Ngong John is a young South Sudanese poet, writer, Philosopher and activist whose love for personal freedom reigns above all that he writes and speaks about. His personal mission is to free humanity from the tyranny of the society and historical biases through the use of poetry and philosophical dialectics. Ngong is the founder and CEO of a knowledge charity called the Happy Readers-South Sudan which is a platform for encouraging people to embrace the culture of reading. The charity is based on the belief that reading is an act of self-liberation and that there is treasure in the pages.

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